Definition of relative dating

04-Nov-2017 01:45

A supercontinent is a giant landmass made up of many or all continents.

He proposed this because if you assume the continents are moving, then continents would be colliding and pulling apart.

The answers to these questions are all found in something called Pangaea.

Pangaea, its definition and its relevance to the current continents are the subject of this lesson.

These tectonic plates are the pieces of the crust that move around on the earth, pushing together, pulling apart and sliding past each other - and those movements are known as plate tectonics.

Many scientists believe that there have been several supercontinents before Pangaea, and there probably will continue to be supercontinents in the far future.

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In Wegener's model, he proposed that the continents were all joined at one time in Earth's history, making a supercontinent.

The Northern part was named Laurasia and contained the future continents of North America, Europe and Asia.

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